Switch Disconector 3KM

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Switch Disconector 3KM

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All switch disconnectors feature double contact interruption and an isolating distance. As a result, the fuses are de-energized when the switch disconnectors are in the disconnected position.

The 3KM switch disconnectors with fuses also feature an isolating plug connector. This facilitates mounting and contact establishment in motor control centers (MCCs) in conjunction with vertical busbars. Generally all 3K.5 switch disconnectors can can be secured to the shaft with padlock against unauthorized reclosing.

Identical accessories for 3KA switch disconnectors and for 3KL and 3KM switch disconnectors with fuses simplify stock keeping.

Please inquire about a special variant with reduced values that is particularly resistant to atmospheres high in sulfur, e. g. in the paper and cellulose processing industries.


Switch Disconector 3KM

3KM switch disconnectors with fuses protect against overload and short-circuits as main control and EMERGENCY-STOP switches of switchgear, distribution boards, power supply and motor feeders. In conjunction with Siemens SITOR semiconductor fuses, they are also used in UPS systems, frequency converters and capacitor control systems.