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Fuse Switch Disconector 3NP SIEMENS

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3NP5 fuse switch disconnectors are controls for the occasional manual switching/isolating of loads and distribution boards. They are able to switch on, lead and switch off the specified rated current (including a specific overload).

With the 3NP5 fuse switch disconnectors, all poles of downstream electric loads can be safely disconnected from the system under load.


The 3NP5 fuse switch disconnectors are ideally suited for surface mounting and installation in distribution boards (e.g. ALPHA, SIKUS), meter cabinets (e.g. ALPHA 400-ZS), and molded-plastic distribution systems such as 8HP.

The ability to mount them on a range of different busbar systems allows their very diverse implementation in switchgear cabinet and control engineering.

The 3NP5 fuse switch disconnectors are ideal for operation in combination with other switching devices, for example in capacitor modules for reactive-power compensation. In conjunction with semiconductor protection fuses (e.g. SITOR), these are used for the effective protection of frequency converters and soft starters.