Standard Series 3UA

Product Details

Standard Series 3UA

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3UA Series Overload Relays are suitable for overload and phase – failure protection of AC motors with frequency of 50/60Hz, voltage up to 690 ~ 1000V, current up to 0.1 ~ 400A under 8 – hours duty or uninterrupted duty. The relays are also suitable for overload protection of DC magnet and DC motors. The relays comply with C9474, VDE0660 and GB14048. Several functions provided by these relays are: phase failure protection, temperature compensation, ON/OFF indication and manual/automatic reset. The relays can be mounted onto contactors or installed as single units.


Operating Condition


  • The altitude of the site of installation does not exceed 2000 meters above sea levels.
  • The ambient air temperature: -25 ~ +55°C
  • Relative humidity does not exceed 90% at +25°C




  • 3UA series are bimetal thermal relays with release class 10A.
  • With differential phase- failure protection
  • With continuous current adjusting scale
  • With temperature compensation
  • With ON/OFF indicator
  • With TEST(OFF) button
  • With Manual/Auto reset button
  • With Auxiliary contacts 1 NO +1 NC insulated each other
  • SIGUT – Siemens patent terminal, ensures easy and reliable connection, strong shock resistance and perfect safety protection.
  • Mounting: plug in connection with contactor or install as a single unit.