Timing Relay

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     October 4, 2014

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Timing Relay 3RP

Order No: 3RP15..-…..

Solid-state SIRIUS 3RP15 timing relays for general use in control systems and machine building with:

  • 1 or 2 CO contacts, 1 NO contact (semiconductor) or 3 NO contacts
  • Mono- or multifunctional
  • Combination voltage
  • Wide voltage range
  • Single or selectable time setting ranges
  • Switch position indication and voltage indication by LED
Multifunctional timing relay 3RP1505

The functions of the multifunctional timing relay 3RP1505 can be set using the function selector switch. The choice of whether both changeover contacts perform simultaneous delayed switching, or whether one switches with a delay and one switches instantaneously, as well as the selected timing range, is made using the time setting range selector switch. The precise operating time can be set using the operating time switch. The selectable functions can be clearly and unambiguously labelled on the timing relay using insert labels. The corresponding labels can be ordered as accessories. The same potential must be applied to terminals A. and B.



  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Transparent product range for every application thanks to multifunctional units
  • Considerable logistical advantages thanks to versions with wide voltage and wide time setting ranges
  • Labels are used on the multifunctional time relay to document the function that has been set
  • Sealable cover to secure set parameters



Timing relays are used in control, starting, and protective circuits for all switching operations involving time delays. They guarantee a high level of functionality and a high repeat accuracy of timer settings.