Temperature Monitoring Relay

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     October 4, 2014

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Temperature Monitoring Relay 3RS

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The temperature monitoring relays for IO-Link are used to measure temperatures in solid, liquid and gas media.

The temperature is calculated using a sensor in the medium, evaluated by the device and monitored up to two limit values for overshooting or undershooting a working range (window function).

In addition to warnings and disconnection in case of temperature deviations, the devices can also be used as a temperature controller (one-step, two-step or three-step control).

The devices differ from one another in terms of the type and number of connectable temperature sensors.

  • 3RS14: Connection for resistance sensor
  • 3RS15: Connection for thermoelements



  • Very simple operation without complicated menu selections
  • Space-saving with 45 mm width
  • Two- or three-point control can be parameterized quickly
  • All versions with removable terminals
  • All versions with screw or spring-type terminals




The 3RS1441 temperature monitoring relays can be used almost anywhere where several temperatures must be monitored at one time for overshooting, undershooting or staying within a certain range.

Monitoring of set temperature limits and output of alarm messages for:

  • Plant and environment protection
  • Temperature limits for process variables e. g. in the packaging industry or electroplating
  • Controlling equipment and machines such as heating, climate and ventilation systems, solar collectors, heat pumps or warm water supplies
  • Motor, bearing and gear oil monitoring
  • Monitoring of coolants