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     October 4, 2014

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Monitoring Relay 3UG

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The field-proven SIRIUS monitoring relays for electrical and mechanical quantities enable constant monitoring of all important characteristic quantities that provide information about the functional capability of a plant. Both sudden disturbances and gradual changes, which may indicate the need for maintenance, are detected. Through relay outputs, the monitoring relays enable direct disconnection of the affected system components as well as alarming (e.g. by switching a warning lamp). To respond flexibly to brief faults such as voltage dips or load changes, the monitoring relays have settable delay times. This avoids unnecessary alarms and disconnections while enhancing plant availability.

The individual 3UG4 monitoring relays offer the following functions in various combinations:

  • Undershooting and/or overshooting of liquid levels
  • Phase sequence
  • Phase failure, neutral conductor failure
  • Phase asymmetry
  • Undershooting and/or overshooting of voltage thresholds
  • Undershooting and/or overshooting of current thresholds
  • Undershooting and/or overshooting of power factor thresholds
  • Monitoring of the active current or the apparent current
  • Monitoring of the residual current
  • Monitoring of the insulation resistance
  • Undershooting and/or overshooting of speed thresholds



  • Customary screw and spring-type terminals for quick and reliable wiring
  • Fast commissioning thanks to menu-guided parameterization and actual value display for limit value determination
  • Reduced space requirement in the control cabinet thanks to a consistent width of 22.5 mm
  • Parameterizable monitoring functions, delay times, reset behavior, etc.
  • Reduced stockkeeping thanks to minimized variance and large measuring ranges
  • Wide-voltage power supply units for global applicability
  • Device replacement without renewed wiring thanks to removable terminals
  • Reliable system diagnostics thanks to actual value display and connectable fault memory
  • Rapid diagnostics thanks to unambiguous error messages on the display



The SIRIUS 3UG4 monitoring relays monitor the most diverse electrical and mechanical quantities in the feeder, and provide reliable protection against damage in the plant. For this purpose, the SIRIUS monitoring relays offer freely parameterizable limit values and diverse options for adapting to the respective task, and in the event of a fault, they provide clear diagnostics information.

The digitally adjustable products also display the current measured values direct on the device. This not only facilitates the display of valuable plant status information during operation, it also enables adjustment of the monitored limit values in accordance with the actual conditions.

The positive result: More selective avoidance of production faults – sustained increases in availability and productivity.

The 3UG4 monitoring relays are available for the following applications:

  • Line and single-phase voltage monitoring
  • Single-phase current monitoring or power factor (cos phi) and active current monitoring
  • Residual current monitoring
  • Insulation monitoring
  • Level monitoring
  • Speed monitoring