Sinamics SM 120

Product Details

Sinamics SM 120

The SINAMICS SM120 CM (Cabinet Modules) with its multi‑level Active Line Module is uniquely suitable for industrial power regeneration applications and ensures a superior performance while feeding energy into the grid. The SINAMICS SM120 CM is the best choice to fulfill the application specific requirements which range from the need to meet electric utility’s strict standards, to react fast in the event of line failures or to create an independent island network, since it provides line‑friendly and grid‑compliant behavior and enables island network and transformer‑less operations.


  • Line-friendly
  • Grid-compliant
  • Island network operation
  • Transformer‑less operation


The Active Line Module of the SINAMICS SM120 Cabinet Module (CM) with its Modular Multilevel Converter (M2C) is ideal for applications such as:

  • Shaft generator/boosters
  • Generators in hydro power stations
  • Test bench drives
  • Ore conveyors

Technical Specifications

Brief Overview Type of Module Function Power Range
Active Line Module Supply and regenerative feedback unit to feed the connected motor modules 4.16 kV: 7900 kVA
Motor Module Inverter for the connected motor 4.16 kV: 7200 kVA
Braking Module Central brake chopper as cost effective alternative to the active line modules when regenerative energy occurs 4.16 kV: 6400 kW
Recooling Module Unit dissipates the power loss from the converter 200 kW power losses
Control Module Unit controls and monitors the drive For one motor axis with one control unit